"A Super Mom"

Words by: Brittany Lopez
Photography by: Fred Agho
Footwear by: Jordan Brand, AJ11 'Neapolitan'


Johntè Archer, the super mom at the helm of the SHE IS A CEO Foundation, has not only embraced the challenges of motherhood, but she has triumphed over considerable adversity. Her journey, marked by resilience and determination, serves as a powerful inspiration for the foundation's mission. Dedicated to utilizing the platforms and experiences of accomplished female CEOs, Johntè Archer and the foundation strive to provide opportunities and exposure for the next generation of girl leaders. Through their commitment to channeling hard-earned expertise and resources, they aim to support girls of all ages, offering them hope, inspiration, and unwavering confidence.

Since its inception in 2015, the foundation has impacted the lives of hundreds of middle school girls through initiatives such as the Entrepreneurship Academy, the "Big Fish" Pitch Competition, the CEO Girl Conference/leadership series, as well as a diverse range of cultural experiences and charitable events. Johntè effortlessly balances the role of a boss with being a warm and affectionate mother. Their bond is a tapestry woven through cuddles on lazy afternoons, shared laughter during movie nights, and their mutual love of festive celebrations. Outside her role as a loving mother, her creative spirit shines during free moments, where she meticulously plans events and hosts vibrant parties with friends.

The SHE IS A CEO Foundation hosts an annual gala as part of its efforts to raise funds and support its impactful initiatives. This gala serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements of the foundation, share inspiring stories, and gather the community in a collective effort to empower the next generation of female CEOs. Attendees have the opportunity to contribute to the foundation's mission and be a part of the positive change it is bringing to the lives of young girls.

Johntè's infectious enthusiasm proves that being a boss and a loving mom can seamlessly coexist in one remarkable individual.

Through its distinctive programs, The SHE IS A CEO Foundation endeavors to create experiences that broaden the horizons, attitudes, and knowledge of girls. The foundation is resolutely committed to effecting transformative change within communities and positively impacting lives.

To achieve this, they actively seek sponsors for their determined Academy students, cultivate partnerships with both individual supporters and corporate enterprises and welcome volunteers eager to help bring their programs to life. In addition to her impactful foundation, Johntè holds the role of CEO at J. Archer Insurance Group, a flourishing insurance agency.

Join the SHE IS A CEO Foundation in its mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young girls and women. For more information on inquiring about Johntè's businesses, feel free to contact us at info@sheisaceo.org or visit her insurance agency's website at archerinsgroup.com

SHE IS A CEO Foundation - Message from our CEO Johnte' Archer from Johnte Archer on Vimeo.



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