PG Internship: Summer Class of '23

Words by: Brittany Lopez
Edited by: Chantel Mack


For the last two years, Premium Goods (PG) made a commitment to engage and impact local youth by creating career opportunities and mentorships. This summer PG had the honor of partnering with Maono Concepts, a community engagement consulting firm, to host a transformative five-week internship program in hopes of taking a bold step toward shaping the future of the retail industry. This pioneering initiative provides an opportunity for youth to gain firsthand experience in the intricate workings of retail, focusing on sneakers, streetwear, and retail back end. 

Interns are exposed to all levels of Premium Goods, learning everything from inventory management and customer service to visual merchandising and brand curation. By being hands-on in a real-world retail setting, interns get an unparalleled understanding of the challenges and triumphs that come with running a successful sneaker boutique. Each week unveils a different layer of opportunities and career choices one could make. 


Being a local business, PG team members understand the importance of building up the next generation that will serve both customers and the community at large well. With this in mind, each week they took special care in walking interns through their roles within sales, operations, and leadership. 

To round out their experiences, interns participate in trainings to develop skills in leadership, public speaking, professionalism and self awareness with Maono Concepts. There's also baked in elements of fun, community and creativity as interns discover what makes PG a special place; it's team. 

All of this intentional mentoring and training prepares interns for an intense final assessment where they create  their own retail brand with all of the elements they were taught and present it to PG leadership shark tank style. 

With this internship Premium Goods commits to discovering, developing and supporting the next generation of retail leaders and entrepreneurs by making space for them to see all that is possible in this industry.

 "You can't become what you cannot behold. PG opening their doors to young people in this way will unlock hope that will turn into career paths that can change the trajectory of families and communities. It's a beautiful thing!

Chantel Mack, Maono Concepts 

A special thank you to the Premium Goods team, Chantel Mack, Caught in Customs, Fred Agho, and Reading with the Rapper (RWAR).

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