Premiumkids. x Converse in partnership with Sole Loved

Words by: Brittany Lopez
Photography by: Yuli Gonzalez
Video by: Datubo MacHarry

Premium Kids teamed up with Converse to give an All-Star experience to 12 families.

Right before Christmas, the team at Premium Kids had the opportunity to host an unforgettable event. The kids enjoyed multiple activities and sweets. The festivities included drinking hot chocolate, customizing cookies, and working on activity sheets. Along with dinner for the night, every kid went home with a new pair of Converse of their liking. With the help of Graceful Laces and Sole Loved, Oak Forest Foster Closet provided the ideal group of kids to be gifted.
Sole Loved is a local non-profit organization located in Sugar-Land, TX. "Our mission is to bring hope to little feet, one pair of shoes at a time," says Stacy Bourgeois, the founder, and CEO of Sole Loved.

They team up with organizations such as Oak Forest Foster Closet to ensure every child in need is provided with a new or decent pair of shoes.
Oak Forest Foster Closet services about 300 families, focusing on inner-city kids in the central Houston area. Founder Nicole Aboudaher emphasizes foster, adoptive, and kinship communities by providing resources. Nicole soon realized that accessible resources were hard to find in the Houston area and decided to be the change. The closet works year-round to collect, organize, and distribute to disadvantaged families. Implementing the importance of communities and the impact helping hands can make.

Without the help of our community and local vendors, Teddy Bear Mobile, Grizzaffi Coffee, and Cookiebosshtx, this event would not have been as magical. For more information on how to support Oak Forest Foster Closet and Sole Loved throughout the year, visit our provided links!

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