A Re-Design That Creates Community

Words by: Cassidy Edwards
Photography by: Gisele Parra

Premium Goods isn’t the new kid on the block, but the store is serving up an unmistakable vibe. The familiar spot that became a sneaker lover staple in Rice Village years ago, has evolved to represent more than just your ordinary shopping experience.  This is a place for community. 

The new Premium Goods storefront has taken the fabric of a common bond and weaved in elements to highlight how a space can be rooted in creating shared experiences versus just a day-to-day transaction.  While we know and can appreciate the original look that happened to be inspired by a lounge theme, we can’t help but love the remix that brings us back to a familiar feeling of creativity and innovation.  

The PG store has expanded its walls to drive more of the vision to serve the community through a unique lens of experiential retail.  Just as sneaker collectors connect to their shoes, the store invites you to connect with the design story.  Smooth edges and open spaces speak to the endless flow of creative expression.

The store design was led by architect Bradly Hirdes of H Office of Design + Construction.  Working with PG owner, Jennifer Ford, Bradly brought the vision to life starting with an immersive approach of simply getting to know the staff and Jennifer in their beloved space. 

“Jennifer had some clear and concise concepts to reflect the community that revolves around the store” Bradly recalls.  He continued to explain that “one of the goals of the design was to give the staff the opportunity to be creative in the space.” From how items are merchandised to how art is displayed, Bradly carefully crafted the blueprint.  By developing this undercurrent, he also took into consideration the actual feeling that the makeover would give to the Premium Goods team members once completed.

With a perfect balance of elevated materials, intentional lighting, and room for activations - Premium Goods meets consumers at the intersection of product and passion.  Bradly protected the delicate dance of function and aesthetics by creating a clean palette for shoppers to navigate the store.  He explains, “Everything has rounded corners because sneakers have soft shapes and that reflects the design aesthetic”.  Letting the sneakers and streetwear do the talking, he kept to a fresh canvas with strategic color choices.  This not only brings our favorite threads to the forefront, but also gives more room for the store to do what they love - highlight the vast community of Houston creators.  At its core, Premium Goods. has provided a distinct representation of the entire city.  From exclusive neighborhood product releases to art that memorializes the beloved subculture born in the south, the essence of H-town is felt.

“The thing about Premium Goods is that there will always be sneakers and apparel.  There are a lot of other things that might make their way onto the shelves. The functionality component is having a variety of ways to display different types of merchandise,  also maintaining a flow around these essential pieces. It came out in the details.”

When renovating a space to appeal to the masses, it goes without saying that Premium Goods will be a sought after retailer to host local community events alongside sneaker releases that are engineered to celebrate the culture.  Taking a people-centric design approach, Jennifer’s vision of connection embodies the reasons why Premium Goods has created a heritage story for over a decade.  When anyone walks into the store, the mission is to bridge the shopping experience with a place to connect with like-minded people from all over the city and beyond.  Sneakers serve as a universal language that sparks conversations and unspoken nods of respect from across any room. 

“It was important to create an inviting space, a flexible space, and an elevated space.” - Bradly Hirdes

While it was no easy feat to renovate an entire store without closing the doors completely, Bradly came together with the PG team members to highlight a level of grit and grace that adds to the foundation of the design.  When you’re able to bring an inclusive space to life, it creates pathways for participation and integration of the city’s melting pot of innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs.  Knowing Jennifer Ford’s unique vantage point of being one of the very few female sneaker store owners nationwide, she prioritizes community over individuality any day of the week.



Love it! Well done, Premium HTX!

Ryan Hampton December 13, 2022

The redesign is perfect: people and community centered design. If Houston wants to grow the culture, we need places to be, meet others and continue to evolve; this new store is perfect, well done 🤘🏽

John November 12, 2022

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