"A Wellness Trip With..." Premium Goods x Adidas

Words by: Brittany Lopez
Photography by: CJ Martin
Video by: Datubo MacHarry

Premium Goods x Adidas hosted a field trip educating and implementing the importance of mental wellness to 15 Flemming Middle School students. In early September, we had the honor of hosting a field trip and showing the students a Premium Goods experience! The field trip prioritized mental wellness, and as a sneaker store, we firmly believe "If you look good, you feel good."

Mindful wellness coach Femi Olukoya, MEd. LPC. NCC opened up an honest conversation with the students, relating to their modern-day problems. During the session, the students opened up about navigating through the world of social media and preparing for the school year. Olukoya expressed the importance of finding a healthy balance with communication among their peers and family. 

Being a Neighborhood store, we emphasize the importance of keeping small businesses alive. With help from Mo' Better Brews and Hype Juicery, we introduced the students to healthy food options from local black-owned businesses. 
Adidas and Premium Goods provided the students with a personalized PG goodie bag. The session ended with the students getting the opportunity to pick a pair of Adidas sneakers. Owner of Premium Goods, Jennifer Ford, stopped by and encouraged all the young faces to dream big and reminded them that "health is wealth."


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